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Ad Ends 1 June 2018

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Staff Application

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    How often do moderator aprove posts

    How often does moderator aprove posts? id like to start reading

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    I'm in the same situation. Nothing I've posted has been acknowledged but yet I see others posting after me.

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    It's on and off, they approve some and don't approve others, I'm having the same problem as well though.

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    Hello sorry that you having problem but this is busy carding forum with daily hundreds of post , many of those post contact spam message like HEHEH , HOHOHO something like this which dont make sense , people post these only to get 3 posts but that is not acceptable so our moderator doing their best to delete those post which are high in numbers and approve real genuine post

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    I am waiting for it, so much excited to start here! Good morning guys

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    me too i'm waiting to see the thread lol

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    Im having the same issue.. Its quite frustrating

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    thank you, I was wondering about this problem too

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    I was having th same problem I guess I'll have to check back and see if my posts got approved

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