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Ad Ends 1 December 2018

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    Linken Sphere antidetect browser of the new generation

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    Friends, on October 22-23, we were busy moving websites to more powerful servers in order to improve the stability and quality of their work. We did our best to make this process as smooth and comfortable for each of the users as possible, taking into account the work in runtime mode. We want to assume that it was possible. We thank you for the understanding shown in connection with the temporary unavailability of personal accounts and the config shop, and we are pleased to announce that the full functionality of the usual functionality and all related sites has been restored. In order to compensate for possible problems and inconveniences, we add a week of use for all active users of the program.

    We continue to support older versions of the software in order to ensure you the maximum freedom of choice - at the moment all users using older versions can continue to work as usual.

    In addition, we want to inform you that the hacked versions of the software stop their work. Anyone who has used a crack, we propose to go to our side - we have cookies

    We wish you a pleasant, successful and stable work - we make every effort for this every day. Thank you for being with us!

    Promo Site: Discount for Antidetect Browser Linken Sphere - Promo Code
    Contact JID: [email protected]
    Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration

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    this seems reaelly cool. going to try it out

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    We want to bring to your attention our new development, which, we hope, will significantly change the capabilities of each user who worries about their safety. As you may know, the modern Internet is a completely transparent structure in which all your actions and steps can be investigated and used against you.

    Sphere Browser Review:

    Anonymously. Safely. Absolutely free.

    Our mission is to allow all wishing people to get anonymous, safe and comfortable surfing on the network - this product is completely free.

    What is Sphere?

    This is a completely free solution provided to run in Portable format. The program is completely devoid of third-party connections to developer's servers, it can be started using encrypted disks or virtual machines.

    How it works?

    Sphere is a browser written with the help of Chromium sources with completely disabled tracking tools, which allows you to completely change the identity on the Internet in one click, getting protection from removing the most important and significant prints.

    In addition, the browser uses a multi-thread proxy, which allows to work with different types of connections simultaneously (TOR, Socks, SSH, Tor + SSH). This indicates that you can use any of the required types of connections to ensure maximum anonymity.

    What are personalities?

    The new identity is an anonymous and unique configuration of the user on the Internet that cannot be associated with any other Web user. In order to achieve full anonymity, the browser generates and modifies the following parameters in a random way:

    - Applies the title of a popular and up-to-date browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE)
    - Replaces popular prints: Canvas, Fonts, Audiofingerprint, ClientRects, Plugins
    - Disables the ability to identify using WebGL
    - Closes the leakage of real IP via WebRTC
    - Disallows the definition of Geolocation

    What is it for?

    Thanks to Sphere, you no longer need to perform a huge amount of actions related to setting up the system to ensure your own security on the network - just download a free program and get started.

    We dream of a free Internet, in which everyone has the right to vote without fear for their own safety. We make every effort to ensure that you get a comfortable, safe and understandable browser for daily use.

    We invite you to try the new program:

    All questions and wishes for developers you can ask in this topic, which is the main topic for discussion of the program, or in telegram chat:

    If you wish, you can always purchase a paid version of Linken Sphere. You just need to register with the promo code: LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6, followed by a 5% discount on the subscription.

    We remind you that in case of questions or requests we are always glad to hear from you on the following contacts:

    Telegram: @Gor510
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Jabber: [email protected]

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    Greetings, friends!

    We recommend getting an update to all users using the free version of the browser The Sphere to version 1.3

    We listen attentively to the wishes expressed in chats and themes devoted to our developments with the goal of creating products that best meet the high expectations of the people using them. Our team is grateful to all users for feedback and ideas on further improving your favorite work tools!

    In this version, a number of bugs have been fixed, and several improvements have been made to improve the quality of the program's use - a short list of fixes is available in the changelog.

    Previously, the only available interface language was English. We have done a great job - now meet The Sphere in the five most popular world languages: English, German, Chinese, Spanish and Russian

    Surf anonymously, safely and comfortably, being in their native language environment

    Short Changer:

    - updated TOR to version
    - Fixed bug with mass deleting cookies
    - Added changes to cookies in connection with amendments to euro legislation
    - Added hotkeys in the tools menu
    - installed its own fake detector as anonymity checker by default
    - Added: Warning when deleting bookmarks
    - Added: Ability to disable uploading images for a particular person
    - Added: Readable display of headers with a large number of tabs
    - Added: Multilanguage support
    - Fixed: Problem with cleaning Clear session session cookies
    - Fixed: Current minor bugs
    - Fixed bug with inability to save the parameter Use dynamic fingerprint
    - Added option Use GPU OpenGL (allows you to use the real resources of the video card to increase performance and speed, it also helps with problems with built-in graphics cards Intel)
    - Added import and export of bookmarks
    - Added option "Temporary session". When this option is activated, the cookies and localStorage are not saved, and the session is terminated when the browser exits

    To obtain the updated version, you must download it from the official website:

    We recommend that you join the telegram of the users of The Sphere to receive prompt replies from the developer: @thesphereeng

    We remind: The Sphere - for anonymity, Linken Sphere - for work

    Promo code for 5% discount Linken Sphere - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration

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    Solving possible problems when launching a free browser for anonymity The Sphere (portable, registration is not required) -


    If you get an error when running Sphere (for example, the absence of VCRUNTIME140.dll), try using the installer tools/vcredistx64.exe in the program folder


    If he writes "Testing Tor Connection, please wait" and does not go further, then put the check [V] Edit -> Preferences -> Use OpenGL GPU and restart the browser

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    We are always very attentive to your requests and wishes, therefore we have done a great job for all people who prefer an alternative to Windows and MacOS.

    Meet - The Sphere 1.3 and Linken Sphere 7.81 for Linux!

    We have done our best to preserve the enormous capabilities of the programs and to achieve their high-quality work on the following systems:

    - Ubuntu
    - Linux Mint
    - Kali Linux
    - Gentoo (Calculate Linux)
    - Fedora
    - Debian
    - OpenSUSE
    - Slackware
    - Mageia
    - PCLinux
    - Kubuntu

    In case of problems, questions or requests, we are always glad to hear from you on the indicated contacts:

    Promo Site: Discount for Antidetect Browser Linken Sphere - Promo Code
    Contact JID: [email protected]
    Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration

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    Let me introduce to your attention the first professional commercial of Linken Sphere:

    Linken Sphere - Promo:

    Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration

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