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    Deepweb Scam List
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    Deepweb Scam List

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    yea page no load but common sense applies. Almost all 99% of D+P sellers are rippers, along with other vendor shops that lock up after receiving registry fee or first payment upload. Lastly don't be surprised either by rings of forum owners, admins and vendors working together too rip members easily and efficiently almost like shooting fish in a barrel... the real are very few bt have been around the longest with good rep too back em like.. Jstash,validcc, unicc ect.

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    Thanks for the info!!!

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    Hey guys

    This is my current list of scammers. I've researched these scammers and they're on my list because they're real cheaters. Some of them are very clever, for example, some "forums / markets" look like the real thing - a forum like many members and sellers, etc., but it's just one or two assholes doing the whole scam.

    I have a tendency to search stories in a scam forum and if you want, I will publish my method later. However, I was personally cheated by the Imperial / Global Carding Forum / Deepmart / Euphoric Oblivion / Reaper Market. Yes, it's shit. Also some deep web search engines advertise for known fraudsters and do not throw a litter.

    So here is my current list of known cheats - buy from these shits and you will lose your $ There is a lot more out there, but I hope that can help you to save your $.

    Euphoric forgetting
    Global Map Forum
    Best financial market
    Tenebra - Next generation
    Wall Street
    Premium CCS
    Undermarket 2.0
    Black and white cards
    Accounts Paypal
    The Paypal Center
    Safepay BTC
    Deep Mart
    A1 quality credit cards
    GCF Escrow
    Freedom of financing
    The CC Buddies
    Clone credit card
    dream weaver
    Premium cards
    gold card
    Bad store
    Fusion cards
    Mafia of the reaper
    Bankor CC
    Simple cards
    Quick money
    Royal money
    Hacked Paypal market
    Cavetor / Visa Prepaid etc.
    Empire Financial
    The Cash Company
    Bullex Escrow
    Ladies cash
    below market
    CC galaxy
    Factory for fake notes
    Safepay Escrow
    dream weaver
    CC Shop
    Alpha cards
    silk road
    Safepay Escrow
    The promised land
    landfill market
    ANYTHING that says they can reach double or 100 times your bitcoin blue blue blue color.

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    thank you good look

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    nice one dude

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