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    Where you find Carding Mafia

    Hello to all members we have started this new thread to know how you find us

    just reply how you find carders place

    from Google or any other search engine
    from another website, blog, or forum
    from any other source

    this will be interesting for us to know how you linked to us

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    Found it Through a friend

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    I've actually been visiting the site for a few years and basically just read never posted until now, I've never gotten around to actually getting any carding equipment but always desperately wanted to just that other barriers stood in my way ie.dope, my method so far is usually getting freshly obtained cards and tapping them out before they are killed which I know is stupid, I came across the site originally by googling best carding sites, soon I plan on on getting a new laptop and all the equipment needed and plan to seriously get into it. If anyone can reach out to me with help in anyway I'd greatly appreciate whether it be cheap or free equipment or sending me actual cards I can spend on and split the profits or whatever.

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    I found it searching for a cvv validity checker on duckduckgo

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    found at jstah site

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    shit I found this site cardingforums

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    I found it on YouTube and I like it.

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    A buddy put me into it

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    I found it on google while making research about carding

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    im new here.....but not so new that i don't recognize the old smoke and mirror shit going on....this place needs a over haul. Haven't met nothing solid yet. Every thing is outdated.
    Scam Vendors soliciting in the lobby. every thread got em in it. im of the mind that this is a ADMISTRATIVE REGULATED PHISHING forum.

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