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    Linken Sphere antidetect browser of the new generation

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    Friends, we have worked hard for many months to present you with a completely updated browser antidetect mechanism and give access to new features that will significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your work. In addition, we do not forget about the need to improve functionality and usability. We worked hard to present the most powerful and functional release of the entire Sphere existence. As a result - tens of thousands of lines of revised code, a huge number of testing and beta versions, and now we present you the most current and perfect version of the product - Linken Sphere 7.99 (Release Candidate).

    More details about the changes here - @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel)

    Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration

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    The built-in configs database has been updated, and in the configshop too, 30,000 new configurations have been added

    Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration

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    Hello friends! Since the last major update, which was greeted with warmth and impatience, we have received a huge amount of feedback from you - our users. Without stopping the constant hard work on improving the browser, we have carefully studied your requests and suggestions, as well as reports on possible problems.

    We have carefully studied all possible problems and solutions to the wishes and offer you the most advanced and stable version of Linken Sphere - 7.995!

    In addition to the corrected problems and a significant increase in stability, a key feature of this version is an amazing solution that allows you to bypass one of the most advanced methods of identification for users on the network: TLS Fingerprint. We also continued to develop the network modules of the product, which will undoubtedly significantly improve the quality of your work.

    And now more:

    Anti-detection that protects against identifying browser parameters can be infinitely good, but modern AF systems have the ability to determine your activity by carefully analyzing the network fingerprint using handshake SSL detection. This type of detector began to be used relatively recently, but at the moment it is becoming increasingly common. The combination of browser / OS settings and SSL handshake in some cases allowed AF systems to link your activity, which could significantly affect the productivity of your work. The newest version solves this problem thanks to the powerful functionality of replacing the necessary parameters.

    You can check TLS Fingerprint and Sphere protection using the example of

    Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration

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